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  • FAQ - Prescribed Courses

    Can I take my prerequisites at a community or junior college?

    Yes, courses taken at any regionally accredited undergraduate institution in the US are acceptable.

    Does foreign coursework apply toward prescribed coursework?

    No, foreign coursework does not count toward meeting any of the prescribed coursework requirements. More information is available on the Foreign Coursework page.

    Undergraduate foreign coursework that appears as transfer credit on the transcript of a regionally accredited US college will count towards the 90 hour requirement. Each individual transfer course credit granted by the US school must be listed on the transcript. Lump sum credit with no specific course and hour identification will not be accepted.

    Do you accept Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) courses?

    AP, CLEP, distance learning and correspondence courses are all accepted if reported on an accredited college transcript.

    AP or CLEP credit is accepted only if the school granting the credit lists the specific course(s) and number of units granted per course on an official transcript. Lump sum credit is not accepted. If these do not appear on the transcript, an official letter from the registrar is required.

    It is recommended that you follow your AP credit with higher level coursework.

    Do quarter credit hours count the same as semester credit hours?

    Credit hours earned on the quarter system carry two-thirds the numerical value of those earned on the semester system.

    3 quarter hours = 2 semester hours