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  • Resources for Non-Traditional Applicants

    TMDSAS is committed to supporting non-traditional applicants to Texas' medical, dental, and veterinary schools. We consider non-traditional applicants to be those older than 25 years of age or are reapplicants, however, these resources are applicable to all applicants.

    If you have any specific questions or concerns, please reach us at nontraditional@tmdsas.com.

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    Are you a Re-Applicant?

    Are You Thinking About a Second Career?


    The majority of the information entered into the previous year’s application will “roll-over” to the current application for your review.

    For these sections, you MUST still go to each section, review the information displayed, make corrections where necessary, and then SAVE the page.

    Make sure to read all FAQs for Re-Applicants.



    Check out the AAMC's Aspiring Docs resources to find out if a career in medicine is right for you.
    - Decide if Medical School is Right for You
    - Getting Medical Experience

    Review ADEA's resources for non-traditional applicants to find out if a career in dentistry is right for you.
    - Why Be a Dentist?
    - Check out a typical Dental School curriculum

    Visit the Texas A&M CVM resources page to see what they look for in applicants.
    - Meet the prerequisites
    - Learn about the curriculum


    Admissions Statistics

    EY2016 Medical Applicant Final Statistics 10 Year Statistics 
    Click on images to view larger PDF.

    EY2016 Dental Applicant Final Statistics 10 Year Statistics 
    Click on images to view larger PDF.

    EY2016 Veterinary Applicant Final Statistics
    (Links to Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine website)


    Total Application Costs


    Below are costs associated with applying to medical, dental, or veterinary school.

    Click on any of the images above to view larger version.

    Download the PDF version here: Medical - Dental - Veterinary

    Why It's Important to Apply Early (EY2016 Data)

    Below are graphs that reflect the EY2016 Application Pool by Application Submission Month, and their likelihood to receive an interview based on Application Submission Month.

    These data confirm that applicants who submit their application closer to the deadline have to compete for less interview spots at all schools.

    To download a PDF of these slides, click here.