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Preparing for Interviews and Offers of Admission


When should I hear back from the dental schools?
Each school has its own protocol with regards to interviews. Typically, interviews for dental schools take place from August to January. It is at the discretion of each school whether or not they notify you if you have not been selected for an interview. 

 Dental School Acceptance

When will the dental schools start sending offers of acceptance?

The dental schools begin extending offers of acceptance on December 1. Offers of acceptance will continue to be made until classes are filled. See Deadlines and Important Dates for more information.

Offers to the combined DDS/PhD programs also begin on December 1.

Applicants who receive offers of acceptance from more than one dental school must choose the one school that he/she prefers and withdraw from the other school(s) in accordance with the terms of the acceptance (generally this should be within a two week period).

After May 1, 2020 no dental school in Texas may offer a position to an applicant already accepted by another dental school in Texas.

 Applicant Responsibilities During Admissions Process

Interview Protocol, withdrawing an application, and enrollment.

Interview Protocol and Etiquette  

Applicants must respond promptly to all invitations for interview. In those instances, when an applicant cannot appear for a previously scheduled interview, the applicant is responsible for promptly notifying the school. The cancellation should be undertaken by telephone with the school, followed by an email. If an applicant cancels an interview within 72 hours of scheduled day and time, and TMDSAS is notified by an institution, all schools to which the applicant applied will also be notified in writing.  


Withdrawing an Application 

Applicants who choose to withdraw from one or more schools must notify each school and TMDSAS in writing via internal message of their decision. Withdrawn applications can be reinstated by sending a message through the application internal messaging system until Oct 30, 2020.

Administrative Withdrawals: Applications will not be transmitted to member institutions without a residency determination. After October 30, 2020, applicants who have not resolved their residency in their applications within 30 days of being informed of the issues will be administratively withdrawn.

If an application has been held for any reason other than residency, after October 30, 2020, applicants who have not resolved issues in their applications within 30 days of being informed of the issues will be transmitted to the schools to which they’ve applied. 


Notifying Institutions of Intent to Enroll 

Applicants who have made a final decision on the school they plan to attend have the obligation to promptly withdraw their applications from all other schools.