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Deadlines & Important Dates

Open the EY2021 Application Timeline

May 1

TMDSAS Application Opens

May 15

Submission deadline for applicants applying through the JAMP program

May 31

Deadline for JAMP applicants to submit letters of evaluation. 

June 1 

First applications transmitted to schools. 

August 1 

Submission deadline for application to the following programs: 

Learn more about Special Programs

September 15

All supporting documents (transcripts, evaluation letters, test scores) for Early Decision Program applicants must be received at TMDSAS. 

* Failure to submit documents by these dates may result in disqualification from Early Decision Program consideration. 

Submission deadline for application to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine program.

Application submission deadline to Texas Tech University College of Veterinary Medicine will be announced when the school joins TMDSAS.

Veterinary applicants to the Texas A&M CVM must have electronic evaluation forms submitted by this date.

Learn more about Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine deadlines.

October 30

Submission deadline for application to the medical and dental programs

All sections of the application must be complete and the application must be submitted by 5:00 PM CT. TMDSAS does not grant deadline extensions. 

Payment must be entered and submitted in order to submit your application by the deadline.

Medical Applicants: The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required for admission to medical school. All MCAT score(s) must be reported directly to TMDSAS by AAMC.  

The MCAT must be taken between January 2016 and September 2020 to be considered for the 2021 entry year application. 

November 15

Medical and Dental applicants - Letters of evaluation should be post-marked by this date.

TMDSAS will still update this section and accept letters after this date, but it is up to the discretion of the schools if they choose to accept them.

 * Some schools will not extend an interview offer until all letters of evaluation and test scores have been received. 

Dental Applicants: It is recommended that you take the DAT in the spring or summer prior to applying, but no later than December 1 of the application cycle. Offers of admission go out on December 1 (December 15 for EY2021 due to impacts caused by COVID-19); waiting to take the DAT until that date will delay any consideration for admission until after your test scores are released. Learn more about the DAT.

February 22*

*Due to the effects of the inclement weather across Texas, we will be extending the Texas Match ranking deadline to Monday, February 22nd.

Submission deadline for RANKING of SCHOOL PREFERENCE for the TMDSAS admissions match to be entered online by 5:00 PM (CT). 

March 5

Match results announced and rolling admissions period begins.

April 30 

Applicants with multiple offers must decide which program to attend and withdraw from other schools.