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  • FAQ - Transcripts, DAT and Letters of Evaluation

    What are Supporting Documents?

    The supporting documents are: official transcripts, test scores and letters of evaluation.

    Is it required that my letters of evaluation be on official letterhead and signed?

    Yes. Your letters of evaluation must be on official letterhead and must include the author's signature.

    Do I need to send TMDSAS updated transcripts after I submit the application?

    Once the application has been submitted, it is the applicant's responsibility to send updated transcripts after each semester that new coursework has been completed. This applies to any coursework taken between the time you apply and the time you enter dental school.

    * Make sure all planned coursework has been entered into the [College Coursework] section of your application.

    When are transcripts due?

    It is recommended that transcripts be received by the application deadline.


    1. Transcripts for planned or future coursework are not due until the term has been completed and grades have been reported.
    2. If you are applying under the Fresh Start Provision, ALL college transcripts must be received before we are able to process your application so please make certain that all transcripts are sent in to us in a timely manner.

    Can I send an official sealed copy of my transcripts?

    Yes. TMDSAS will accept transcripts mailed by the applicant. The transcript must be in a sealed envelope from the registrar. Transcripts cannot be more than a year old (i.e. cannot have a print date more than a year old).

    How do I release my DAT scores?

    Please refer to the Admission Tests page for instructions on how to release your DAT scores.

    I received my DAT score and have decided to retake the exam. Should I notify TMDSAS?

    Yes - you need to notify TMDSAS immediately if you decide not to take the DAT exam or decide on a different date or decide to retake the exam. You may make this change at any time during the application cycle by logging into your application and making the change in the [Test Scores] section.