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    TMDSAS simplifies the application process for both the applicants and the participating schools. We provide one standardized application, relieving students of the need to complete a separate application for each of the participating schools.

    The TMDSAS participating schools benefit by receiving uniform information on all applicants and by designing the questions on the application.

    Learn about the history of TMDSAS.

    TMDSAS Staff:

    TMDSAS Staff
    Scott Wright
    Nicole Dubuque
    James Scott Wright, Ed.D.
    Executive Director
    Matthew Meeks
    Sue Fischer
    Bonnie Howard
    Anne Diamon
    Sue Fischer
    Administrative Coordinator
    Bonnie Howard
    Sr. Academic Evaluator
    Anne Diamon
    Sr. Applications Specialist
    Cherry Gonzales
    Operations Specialist
    Alanna Edwards
    Maria Romo
    Tom Murillo

    Alanna Edwards
    Academic Evaluator
    Maria Romo
    Applications Specialist
    Tom Murillo
    Office Assistant
    Enrique Jasso Jr.,
    M. A.

    Coordinator of Research,
    Advising Services, and Digital Media

    Paul Hermesmeyer
    Joel Robles, Ed. D.
    Program Coordinator
    Jennifer Koenig
    Jennifer Koenig
    Administrative Associate
    Debra Haluzan
    Administrative Assistan
    Joint Admission Medical Program


    Please note

    TMDSAS serves only as an information clearinghouse and does not influence the schools' review of the application nor their selection of applicants to interview and accept.

    TMDSAS does not process advanced standing or transfer student applications. Advanced standing and transfer applicants should contact the schools directly for application instructions.