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Veterinary Evaluations

Veterinary applicants are required to submit: 

  • Three Veterinary Medicine Applicant Evaluation Forms directly to TMDSAS 
  • One evaluation must be completed by a veterinarian. 

Only digital submission of Veterinary Medicine Applicant Evaluation Forms will be accepted from your evaluators.  No accompanying letter is required or desired by the veterinary school. Letters of evaluation will not be accepted nor will they be included with your application. 

Review the Application Handbook for information on sending Veterinary Medicine Evaluation Forms to TMDSAS.




Do my evaluations have to be submitted before I can submit my application? 

No, you can submit your application before TMDSAS has received your evaluation forms. Your evaluations will be added to your application as they are received. 


When do my evaluations have to be submitted? 

The deadline to submit evaluation forms is September 15th.


When can I start sending evaluations to TMDSAS? 

Evaluations should not be sent to TMDSAS until after the application opens. Do not have any evaluation forms delivered to TMDSAS until you have completed the [Letters of Evaluation] section of your application. The completion of this page creates the placeholders to upload your evaluations to your application file.


Who should I ask to complete the Veterinary Medicine Evaluation Form? 

Evaluations are an important part of the selections process and should be completed by individuals other than family members who have known the applicant for an extended period of time.  

One evaluation must be completed by a veterinarian. The veterinarian should address what the applicant did while working for him or her. They should also honestly evaluate the applicant's strengths and weaknesses.


How do I change an evaluator listed on my application? 

You must update TMDSAS of an evaluator change immediately. Once you have secured a different evaluator, please notify TMDSAS of the new evaluator by sending a message though the internal message system in the application. Include the name of the evaluator that needs to be removed and provide the following information for the evaluator that should be added:  

  • Salutation (i.e. Dr, Prof, Mr, Mrs, etc.) 
  • First and last name of Evaluator 
  • Suffix (i.e. MD, PhD, etc.) 
  • Relationship to you (Academic Advisor, HP Advisor, Professor, Business Associate, Work/Volunteer Supervisor, Other) 
  • Email address of evaluator 
  • Whether or not you release your right of access to the letter 


Can I substitute my evaluator if TMDSAS has received a letter of evaluation?

If TMDSAS has received and approved a letter of evaluation, you will not be able to substitute that evaluator for another.


My evaluator hasn't received the email request to submit their evaluation using the TMDSAS Evaluator Portal. 

Email filters may interpret an email from TMDSAS as spam. To prevent your evaluator from missing important TMDSAS emails, you should instruct them to check their spam/junk email file for TMDSAS emails. 


My evaluator can't login to the TMDSAS portal. 

If your evaluator is new to using the TMDSAS Evaluator Portal they must use the link included in the email request that was sent to them. Make sure that they are using the link from the latest email request sent. They will be directed to a page in order to create an account. 

For any other login issues please have your evaluator contact TMDSAS so we can provide direct assistance. 


My evaluator can't find me in the TMDSAS Evaluator Portal to complete their evaluation form? 

The email address you listed in your application for the evaluator must match the email address your evaluator uses to login to the Evaluator Portal. 

Contact your evaluator to verify their email address and send an internal message through the application if the email address needs to be updated.