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Welcome! We are excited that you chose us to be part of your journey into healthcare. Our goal at TMDSAS is to make the process as seamless as possible, to guide you each step of the way, to answer each of your questions, and to serve as the bridge that connects you to your future.

Below are a few considerations to help us better serve you.

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Help us Better Serve You

To help us out and to ensure the highest level of efficiency for our staff, please consider consulting the TMDSAS website and application guide before calling the TMDSAS office or utilize our support page for help.

Transcripts Not Required at the Time of Application

Please remember that transcripts are not required at the time of application unless you are applying to a special program with an expedited timeline. Applicants will be prompted by TMDSAS to send in their transcripts later in the cycle.


Next Steps after Applying




PCR stands for Prerequisite Coursework Report. It is a comprehensive list of all your courses that meet the pre-requisite coursework requirements for the dental, medical, or veterinary schools.

  • You should use this as a tool to verify you fulfill all course requirements for the schools to which you are applying.
  • If courses are not included on your PCR then it was determined that those courses did not satisfy the pre-requisites. (Remember, your PCR only shows courses that are coded as pre-requisites. It does not include courses coded as Other Science, Math, or Non-Science.)
  • Please be aware that courses taken Pass/Fall will not appear on the PCR. For more information regarding the pandemic response for Spring 2020 - Spring 2021 coursework, please see here. 
  • You can see which courses are approved for your institution here.
  • Many of the courses that aren’t included on your PCR will count towards the BCPM GPA – these are not exclusive.

Now that your application has been transmitted, we recommend that you look through your PCR to see if there were any unexpected changes to your coursework that may have created a deficiency. You will also have the opportunity to review the GPAs calculated by TMDSAS.

Using the PCR

Letters of Evaluation


Work with your evaluators to make sure your letters are submitted by the Letters of Evaluation deadline. Letters of evaluation can take up to 10 business days for receipt and processing. Learn more about your evaluations in the Application Guide.

Test Scores


Your test dates on your application must be correct or your scores will not download into our system.

Test scores can take up to 48 hours to match to your application after they have been released. 

Test Scores



Transcripts will need to be sent only when requested by TMDSAS.

Please note that transcripts are not required for processing and transmission of applications to participating institutions nor are they required for applicants to receive invitations to interview at participating schools. 

When TMDSAS member institutions begin to extend offers of acceptance on October 15, TMDSAS will reach out to admitted applicants to collect transcripts. For veterinary applicants, transcripts will be requested when applicants are interviewed.


Secondary Applications


Make sure to work on your secondary applications! (if applicable)  

Please note that some schools are invite only and may require an initial review of your TMDSAS application before emailing a link to their secondary application.

Any questions about secondaries should be directed to the individual schools.

Secondary Applications

CASPer and Altus Suite


Some participating schools may require the CASPer, Duet, and/or Snapshot as part of the Altus Suite. These are available for the same cost as the base CASPer exam.

Schools Requiring CASPer

Keep Your Application Up-To-Date


Promptly Respond to Messages from TMDSAS and Member Institutions

  • Check Your Application Internal Messages Regularly 
    The application’s internal messaging system is the official mode of communication between you and TMDSAS. Our messages will often contain action items that you will need to complete in order for us to process your application. 

Update Coursework & Grades

  • Applicants must update their coursework and grades after each term completed post-submission of their application

Report Vital Changes to TMDSAS


TMDSAS is the centralized application processing service for applicants to the first-year entering classes at all public medical, dental and veterinary schools in the State of Texas.  Read more here


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