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Test Scores

Any change in planned test dates MUST be immediately reported to TMDSAS. You can update this information by logging into your application. Failure to do so could affect your evaluation at one or more of the participating schools.

important note

Do NOT send TMDSAS your scores until you have completed the corresponding sections in the application. This information correlates to the Test Scores section of the application. This section creates the placeholder needed to upload your imported scores to your application.


DAT Scores - Dental Applicants Only

The Dental Admission Test (DAT) is required for admission to dental school.

  • The DAT must be taken within the last five years.
    • A test score from a DAT taken before 2018 will not be considered for the 2023 entry year application.
  • The DAT must be taken for the first time before December of the application year to be considered for the current application cycle.
    • Dental schools begin making offers of admission in December; therefore, waiting to take the DAT until that late date will delay any consideration for admission until after your test scores are released. See deadlines.
    • It is recommended that you take the DAT in the spring or summer prior to applying.
  • Must Release Scores:
    • Applicants are required to request their DAT scores be released to at least one of the dental schools to which they are applying.
    • All DAT scores released to any of the four Texas dental schools will automatically be sent to TMDSAS. See here.

Steps for Completing the DAT Section of the TMDSAS Application:

  1. DENT PIN: Enter your DENT PIN given to you by the ADA.
  2. DATs Taken: Enter all dates that you have taken the
  3. DATs Planned: Enter all dates that you plan to take the DAT between the time of application and December 1, 2022.


important note

A Note About Your DENT PIN
The DENT PIN is a unique identifier for applicants and students involved with the U.S. dental education system and standardized testing programs. You must register to retrieve a DENT PIN from the ADA site and use it to proceed with your application. If you do not know your DENT PIN, please go to the ADA website and follow instructions there to create or retrieve it.



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MCAT Scores - Medical Applicants Only

The MCAT is required for admission to medical school

  • The exam must have been taken no earlier than 2018 and no later than September of the year preceding enrollment into medical school. (e.g., If you are applying for entry year 2023, then September 10th, 2022 is the last date that you can take the MCAT).
    • Please note that Baylor College of Medicine has a three-year cut-off for MCAT scores, therefor, MCAT scores for the EY 23 application cycle will be accepted if the exam was taken between September 2019 and September 2022.)
    • No score from a test taken within the year of enrollment will be accepted.
    • MCAT scores can be no more than five years old. 
  • Must Release Scores:
    • Applicants MUST release their MCAT scores to TMDSAS by using the MCAT Testing History (THx) Report System.
    • Applicants must request the release of their scores to TMDSAS as soon as they become available to the applicant.


Steps for Completing the MCAT Section of the TMDSAS Application:

Applicants MUST request that the scores of ALL tests taken be released to TMDSAS.

  1. AAMC ID: Enter your AAMC ID given to you by the This is the 8-digit number assigned to you by AAMC for all correspondence.
  2. MCATs Taken: Enter all dates that you have taken the MCAT (You do not need to list test dates if you had the score voided.)
  3. MCATs Planned: Enter all dates that you plan to take the MCAT between the time of application and September 10, 2022.

important note

MCAT and Mismatched DOB
It is critical that you enter your AAMC ID, test dates, and DOB correctly. Your MCAT score(s) will match to your application based on this information. If the information is entered incorrectly your MCAT score(s) will not match your application. You should also verify that AAMC has the correct data on file.

important note

When you enter and save your MCAT information into the application, this is NOT the same as releasing your scores to TMDSAS. Please see directions for how to release your scores!

How to Release Your MCAT Score to TMDSAS:

  1. To release your score(s), go to the MCAT Homepage.
  2. From the My Reports drop-down menu, select [Send Scores Electronically].
  3. Begin typing [Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service] in the search box.

›     Select the [Confirm and Send Scores] link.

  1. Select confirmation check boxes and select [Send Scores].
  2. Select the "X" to close the success box to complete the process. 
  3. To confirm that your request has been submitted:

›     From the My Reports drop-down menu, select [Scores Sent to Institutions].

TMDSAS will receive your scores 36 hours from the time you request the release.

Please note: If scores do not show on your [Status] page after this time, you need to check for mismatched information (see information above.) You can read more about checking your status here.


GRE Scores - Veterinary Applicants Only

PLEASE NOTE: TMDSAS veterinary schools do not require the graduate record exam (GRE) for consideration for admission for EY 2022.

  • As a veterinary applicant, you are not required to take the GRE; however, if you have taken the GRE, you will enter this information.
  • Valid test dates are those taken between August 1, 2018 and September 30, 2022.
  • Instructions for releasing GRE scores can be found on the GRE website.



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Can I submit my application before my test scores have been received?

Yes, you may submit your application before your MCAT scores are released. Your scores will be added to your application as they are received.

Can I submit my unofficial test scores?   

No, scores submitted from your personal score report will not be accepted. 

What if my planned test dates change?  


Any changes to your planned test dates must be changed immediately on your TMDSAS application in order for the score to be included in your application. You should be able to make changes to your scores even after submitting.

If you are unable to make changes, send a message to TMDSAS via your TMDSAS Application Portal.

How long will it take for TMDSAS to receive my scores?  

TMDSAS will receive your scores 36 hours from the time you request the release.  

How can I check the status of my scores?  


Check the status of your scores by going to the [Status] page in your TMDSAS Application Portal.

  • Step 1: Sign into your application.
  • Step 2: Click on the [Status] link from the menu on the right-hand side of the application.
  • Step 3: Scroll down towards the bottom of the page until you reach the [Test Scores] heading. If a score was received, the receive date will appear next to the score. Please note that your score will not populate here.

I released my DAT/MCAT score over 36 hours ago, but the [Status] page still says 'NOT RECEIVED'.  


Make sure your AAMC ID/DENT PIN, test dates, and DOB are the same on your application AND your ADA/AAMC account. Otherwise, your score will not upload to your application (even if you released your score).

Before contacting TMDSAS, please confirm that your scores were released and your information is the same on your application and your AAMC/ADA account. If you find one of the components is incorrect, make the changes in your application and give it about 24 hours for the system to retrieve your score.

Check the [Status] page for updates. Send TMDSAS a message via the TMDSAS application portal if you cannot make the corrections yourself.

When are official DAT scores released?   

Information regarding releasing your DAT score(s) can be obtained from the ADA website.  

How do I release my MCAT scores?   

Instructions on releasing your scores can be found in the instructions above and on the MCAT website.

How do I release my DAT scores?   

Information regarding releasing your DAT score(s) can be obtained from the ADA website.  

When should I take my MCAT?  

It is strongly encouraged that you take the MCAT by May so that your application will be completed and in the applicant pool for the start of the interview season in August. Applicants who wait to take the examination for the first time in July, August or September may find action on their application delayed until late in the admission season. 

When is too late to take the DAT?   

It is recommended that you take the DAT in the spring or summer prior to applying, but no later than December 1 of the application cycle. Offers of admission go out in December. Waiting to take the DAT until that date will delay any consideration for admission until after your test scores are released. 

Are Canadian DAT scores acceptable?   

Absolutely! You will need to send official scores to each of your select TMDSAS schools. You can send your unofficial Canadian DAT scores to TMDSAS at and we will add this to your application.