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Select Schools

In this section of the application you will select the schools(s), special programs, or dual degree programs you wish to apply to, and indicate any non-TMDSAS schools you've applied to for Entry Year 2025.


Special or Assured Programs

Special Assured: In this section, you will first indicate if you are applying through any special/assured admission programs, such as JAMP or the Texas A&M SOM Partnership in Primary Care Program.

More information about JAMP can be found here.

View list of dental school special programs

View list of medical school special programs


Early Decision Programs

By selecting "No" to the Special/Assured admissions program question, you may indicate if you are applying to an Early Decision Program (EDP). These programs have specific deadlines, so be sure to consult the program websites and TMDSAS timeline in order to make sure you are on track.

important note

Wondering why you might apply through an Early Decision Program? Curious as to what these programs provide? Click here.

  • EDP Applicant Requirements:

The rules of a formal Early Decision Program stipulate that an applicant cannot apply to ANY OTHER medical school in the U.S. until he or she receives the EDP decision.    

All EDP applicants are required to do the following:  

    • Indicate in the [Select Schools] section that they are applying through one of the restricted Early Decision Programs.   
    • Submit the TMDSAS application by August 1st.  
    • Submit any required secondary applications by August 1st.  
    • Submit MCAT scores, all required transcripts, and letters of evaluation to TMDSAS by September 15th.  
    • Attend the selected school if offered acceptance through the Early Decision Program.  

An applicant who is offered admission is OBLIGATED to attend the medical school. The applicant must obtain a formal release from the school they applied to in order to be eligible to apply to other schools. 

  • What if you are not accepted to an EDP?
    The applicant is eligible to apply to other schools as soon as a formal notification letter from the school is received, indicating that the applicant has been released from EDP consideration.

To apply to other TMDSAS schools for regular admission consideration, you must send an internal message within the application by the application deadline, listing all schools you would like added to your application.


Select Schools

Check the box of each school to which you wish to apply. If you have already submitted your application and want to add/remove any TMDSAS schools, send us a message through the application portal.

View list of TMDSAS Schools


Dual Degree Programs

Indicate if you plan to apply to any of the dual degree programs offered at the schools (e.g., DO/PhD, DDS/PhD, MBA/MD, FMAT, JD/MD) by checking the box of each dual degree program to which you wish to apply.

More information about specific dual degree programs can be found here (Dental | Medical).

If you have already submitted your application and want to add dual degree programs, send us a message through the application portal.


Gain insights into dual degree programs on the application, and other combined programs for applicants interested in reasearch and academia.



Next, you will indicate if you are applying to any MD/PhD programs through AMCAS.


Non-TMDSAS Schools

You will also indicate if you intend to apply to any non-TMDSAS schools for the current application cycle.


important note

It is advisable to read each section of the application thoroughly for understanding and, just as importantly, to take your time when completing them. Many portions of the application will be locked after you submit, therefore you will be unable to make edits or other changes. Additionally, the application will time-out after long periods, so save frequently!