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About Us

What is TMDSAS? 

The Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) is the centralized application processing service for applicants to the first-year entering classes at all of the public medical, dental, and veterinary schools in the State of Texas.


What does TMDSAS do? 

TMDSAS simplifies the application process for both the applicants and the participating schools. We provide one standardized application, relieving students of the need to complete a separate application for each of the participating schools. 

The TMDSAS participating schools benefit by receiving uniform information on all applicants and by designing the questions on the application. TMDSAS is housed within the Texas Health Education Service in Austin, Texas.  



The Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) began operating as the UT System Medical and Dental Application Center in 1968. It was created by the UT System Board of Regents to serve as a central application center for all UT System medical and dental schools. 

In 1999, the name changed to reflect the addition of medical and dental schools outside of the UT System with the inclusion of the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. TMDSAS expanded further when the University of North Texas - Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine joined in 2000 and 2001, respectively.

Since its establishment, the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service strives to benefit both the applicant and its participating institutions. Applicants have the benefit of applying to multiple schools with just one application and for a flat fee. The participating institutions receive applications from TMDSAS that have been reviewed for accuracy and uniformly interpreted in accordance to state laws relating to admissions.


TMDSAS Staff  

Matthew Meeks

Matthew Meeks, M.Ed.

Executive Director
Texas Health Education Service

Alanna Edwards

Alanna Edwards 

Operations Coordinator

Nichole Castillo

Nichole Castillo, M.Ed. 

Sr. Applicant Liaison &
Resource Manager


Desiree McDonald

Desiree McDonald 

Applicant Liaison &
Resource Development


Breanna Bietz

Breanna Bietz, M.F.A.

Applicant Liaison &
Resource Development 


Audrey Mason

Audrey Mason

Applicant Liaison


Please note 

TMDSAS serves only as an information clearinghouse and does not influence the schools' review of the application nor their selection of applicants to interview and accept. 

TMDSAS does not process advanced standing or transfer student applications. Advanced standing and transfer applicants should contact the schools directly for application instructions. 

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