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Chronology of Activities

The Chronology of Activities automatically generates your [Terms Attended] and [Personal Biography] and [Activities] information into a streamlined timeline. This serves as a snapshot of your progress over the years to prepare for a career as a healthcare professional.

Please be aware that gaps longer than 3 months will cause an error in saving this page.

While there are character limitations to this section, the member institutions will also be able to view other sections of your application for additional details. 


Developing Your Chronology of Activities 

important note

Your [Chronology of Activities] is built from the information you enter in other sections of the application. Make sure your activities account for all time between high school graduation and your planned matriculation at the end of next summer.

Built From Your Application
Your chronology of activities will be automatically built from the information you enter in all other sections of the application.

From High School Graduation to August 2025
This Chronology must account for all time between high school graduation and August 2025, and not include any gaps longer than 3 months.

Formatting Your Chronology
This page only imports the first 50 characters of the activity descriptions. Be sure to edit accordingly (see note below).

Changes to Your Chronology
The compilation of this data will be done only once. If you delete or change items after the Chronology is compiled, you will have to re-enter that information in your Chronology.

Reviewing Your Chronology
You will have the opportunity to review your Chronology of Activities prior to submitting your application.



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Making Changes to Your Chronology of Activities

The automatic compilation of the data will be done only once!

  • Deleting or changing items in other sections after your Chronology is compiled will require that you retype that information in this section.
  • You can edit or delete items from the Chronology, however, doing so will not change what you have entered elsewhere in the application.

Once the import of your data has been done, a [Show Activities Calendar] link appears.

  • Click on the link to see a calendar displaying any gaps in your chronology.
  • Gaps will be indicated by a blank box on the calendar.
    • All gaps greater than 3 months must have a record.
    • You will be able to add records to fill any time gaps.   
    • Don't forget to select the checkbox 'I have no more activities to add' at the bottom of the page once you finish making edits.


important note

This page only imports the first 50 characters of previously entered descriptions.

If you do not want your description to be truncated, be sure to edit your activity descriptions appropriately after import to fit within 50 characters.

The schools will see the full description within each [Employment & Activities] section.


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