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TMDSAS Policies

Read these policies to avoid application processing delays.

TMDSAS Policy Library

Just as this handbook was designed to guide you through each step of the application, TMDSAS has policies in place to guide you through each phase of the application cycle. These policies not only ensure transparency in our organization, but also are meant to serve as an additional support for you! Remember, if you have any questions, policy-related or otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us.


TMDSAS Policy Documents

Refer to these policy documents as you progress through the application cycle.

  1. General Guidelines for Applicants – Here you’ll find general policies associated with applying to professional school through TMDSAS.
  2. Applicant Responsibilities for Processing – This is where you’ll learn specific policies related to successful submission of a TMDSAS application.
  3. Applicant Responsibilities Post-Submission – To navigate the application cycle successfully, there are things you’ll need to keep in mind, even after you submit that Be sure to learn those policies here.
  4. General Guidelines for Conduct of the Match - Rules member institutions abide by in the recruitment of applicants, formal policies surrounding the Match, and steps for appealing results.


Policy References

These references provide additional clarity and guidance. Refer to these in conjunction with our other policy documents.

Applicant User Agreement – These are the imperative actions an applicant must agree to follow before proceeding with the application.

Application Certification Statement – Applicants must review and agree to these statements in order to submit their application.

Approved Application Changes Post-Submission– This outlines the changes that can/cannot be made to an application after it has been submitted.

Pre-Requisite Course Definitions – This document provides examples of the types of course topics that might be coded as prerequisite coursework. It is recommended that you use the Course Listing for your institution (if available); this page provides more general guidelines.

Requirements for BCPM Inclusion – Be sure to use the Course Listings pages when coding your courses and learn more about courses that might be included the Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & Math (BCPM) GPA.



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